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About Us

We've created The Huddle to connect like-minded DJs with one another and with live coaching help.  Through our courses and challenges, we have been able to share a lot of knowledge and information and have been blown away at the progress our community has made, but DJing is COMMUNAL!  Having access to others who share your passion can help inspire you to reach new heights and pour into one another, which is exactly why we are so excited to share this platform with you! 

ALL users will have access to:

  • Connecting to a super positive community of like-minded people
  • Access to free Monthly Meetup Live Coaching Sessions
  • Receive Curated News feed to keep you informed and inspired including some invaluable tips and tricks
  • Access to the Mighty Networks Mobile App where you can access the community on the go!

While all of this is incredible, the real value of this community lies in the upgraded VIP experience...

Why You Should Level Up to VIP 💪🏽

VIP Members gain exclusive access to small group zoom calls where you can bring your questions and continue to learn and grow.  You will also have the ability to directly message our esteemed coaching staff or have your questions answered in threads within our network without the trolling or negativity from social platforms.

Your network is your net worth.  I'm sure you have heard this before and we couldn't agree more.  Find like-minded, supportive and positive people in your local area OR on the other side of the world...or both!  Get to know them through collaborative projects prompted by our coaches!


  • Exclusive Courses, Challenges and Lessons
  • Access to Video Replays of Coaching Sessions
  • Access to small group, semi-private coaching sessions to level up
  • Ability to get "unstuck" by asking our staff anything, at anytime
  • Discounts on DJ Equipment through our partner,
  • Access to Exclusive DJ Edits and Tools from our Coaching Staff
  • Annual Anniversary Gift (yes, EVERY year for annual members)

We know that having extra help and being able to access good quality coaching can be expensive and hard to find.  We believe that it's a vital part of your growth and can't wait to work with you and get to help you achieve your goals!

A Big Thanks 🙏🏽 

Thank you to all of you who want to continue to grow and spread positivity into the world through music.  We're excited for you to be a part of our community and we're even more excited to come along with you as a part of YOUR journey!